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Current BPDC Board as follows Acting Chair – Merlin Corbett,  Acting Treas. Dee Laver, Dir.s : Alex Tait, Angus corbett Contact through < uk> Negotiations continue with SAC regarding the possible asset transfer of the Village Hall and grounds and the BPDC are working in earnest on a business and action plan towards sustainability of the proposed village Hub BPDC meetings and talks have taken place with various groups and advisory bodies  regarding legals and funding options before an initial application was made to the Big Lottery to fund a Dev. Officer, however, although succeeding in getting through the first round and invited by the BL to apply for their ‘community led’ grant funding, it subsequently appeared that this fund was not for the post required.  BPDC succeeded in the application for a Plunkett Foundation adviser who attended a meeting on the 6th Feb 2017, discussing options, offering advice and direction. A successful pilot ‘Barr Trails day’ (Trails day leaflet) was organised on 28th May with the BCA and BSSG to ascertain interest and to promote one of our best assets. Trails Day Pics. BPDC will build on feedback. 12th Dec 2016 – Colin Love  (SAC Social Enterprise Officer)  chaired a meeting that brought together all main village stake-holder groups to discuss the way forwards as a result of the ballot decision to progress with plans to re generate Barr with a hub.  BPDC Progress Meeting Action Notes BPDC FEASABILITY STUDY BALLOT – RESULTS The votes cast in the recent BPDC Feasibility Study Ballot were counted on 10/11/16 at the Barr Community Council meeting.   The Ballot count was conducted by Councillor Alec Oattes.   May we take this opportunity to thank Cllr Oattes for collecting posted and electronic ballots and also for conducting the count.   296 ballot papers were issued and 188 completed ballot papers were counted, this represents a turnout for the ballot of 63.5%. Votes were cast as follows; Option 1 – Do Nothing – 38 which represents 20.2% of the vote Option 2 – Purchase Existing Pub/Shop & market – 44 which represents 23.4% of the vote Option 3 – Purchase Suitable Buildings, Community Bus, Camp Site and market – 99 which represents 52.7% of the vote Option 4 – Purchase Dinmurchie, Land & Buildings – 7 which represents 3.7 % of the vote   BPDC Directors will discuss next steps with the consultant and updates will be posted online as they become available.   Thank you to everyone who took part! wee shouty sheep     28 October 2016:  Barr Final  |  Appendix A – Primary Options  |  Appendix B – QA
Please note the importance of reading the responses to questions and details of the options in the context of the wider study (copies will be available next week).  Update 19th October 2016 — your questions answered A fantastic turn out of over 100 residents attended the Community Open Day on 16th October to hear consultant Kelly Morris give a presentation of four Options to the community, based on a thorough, in depth and objective study to find solutions to ensure a sustainable future for Barr.

Hall filling up…

  “I would like to thank you all for taking the time to come along to our meeting yesterday and for the questions.  I picked up useful feedback afterwards – some very valid points that I do need to address, if you are to be happy that the study is taking account the considerations of all.  I have slightly updated the slides which will be available to view this week. Some of you will have seen the detailed list of pros/cons for each of the options, which due to a formatting issue, was almost impossible to read. Apologies as these alone would have clarified many questions raised yesterday.  I am working on transferring that data into tabular form and that information will be available asap, together with additional info which you may find useful in your decision making.  Finally, I have been receiving some useful feedback via email.  This is great! I am delighted that I am hearing from some people that have not felt ‘heard’ until now and the questions and ‘issues’ being raised are very valid and helpful to me at this time.  I am logging all questions in a table and answering each with as much information as I can. The table will be available to view the evening of the 19th Oct. and again every three days until the vote closes.! My advice to you would be, please feel free to vote now if you feel strongly towards any of the options.  If you are unsure at all, do not cast your vote yet, please wait it out until more information is available in the coming 10 or so days.  Please feel free to seek further clarity from me and over the next week ( and  I will provide as much information as I can to help you make an informed decision. The more questions, the better, the more issues you raise now, the less we need to resolve in future.   Thank you again for all of your input, and your time  Kelly 



           Barr Village Slides v 2    Option 3 Governance Structure    Option 3 Org Structure Thank you to the team who worked so hard on the day to provide the event with lunch for everyone & entertainment for the children and to all those volunteers who doorstepped the entire community across the Parish with invitations and who will also deliver ballot papers to all those unable to attend on the day.   AGM – Thurs 16th June 2016 7pm in the Village Hall Please note the project update attached below is as stated i.e. an update to the AGM …to test reactions and views of residents on particular issues and to allow us to proceed to the next stage.   The update is not the final report. The report is work in progress and details Barr, as existing, including all risks and needs, quantitive and qualitative data before going into objectives and recommendations. The report is a substantial fact based document. The report is not finalised and will not be until after the August meeting. This stage and the update note is merely to help us refocus following digression  and set ourselves up for implementation following conclusion of the report. Project Update 16th June 2016 Catch up on all the latest news and progress. A great deal of work has been going on in the background investigating possibilities, following up opportunities (with & without success), gathering data and clarifying pros & cons etc. in order to help residents make an informed decision at the annual BPDC Open Day where options in going forwards will be presented to the community.
17th Dec 2015
“Following publication of the Barr Community Stores Feasibility Study, the directors of BCSG and BPDC met on two separate occasions to discuss next steps. Both groups are committed to working together to achieve a sustainable village shop – one that is customer focused, fit for purpose and future proof. We are currently investigating the various options, and considering how best we can work together to support the stores.  We will keep you up to date with progress via this website.” Kelly Morris and her team continue to work hard to help us find the most feasible solutions for village sustainability – see here for Project Update 22 Nov 2015 images-7 It takes time to thoroughly investigate all the options, however, it is essential that we are well informed in order to make good decisions as a community for a successful future outcome – looking forward to continued progress!


Community Open Day 3rd Oct  2015

A chance to meet the consultant John, from ‘Kelly Morris Consulting’, ask questions, chat to others and have a say about Barr’s options for the future.  IMG_6417 What a fantastic relaxed day, beautiful weather, excellent homemade soups, quality burgers, Billy’s ‘barrilliant’ pizzas and a great display of talent from Barr on the show tables plus Primary pupil’s gymnastic skills and interview prowess on stage before ‘Celtic Twist’ performed ambient harp and guitar music during lunch. John was on hand to answer lots of questions about the ongoing consultation all afternoon, to discuss Dinmurchie plus all the various potential options available and listen to residents hopes and fears too. A lovely atmosphere was enjoyed with over 100 people dropping into the Hall over the afternoon. An autumnal themed scavenger hunt and art area where ‘wish leaves’ were added to a ‘wishing tree and the wee bike health check outside, kept the kids busy, allowing the adults to mingle and chat. The findings and data from the last couple of months are now in the process of being collated to build a proposed short, medium and long term strategy towards Barr Community’s aims of sustainability & employability! The consultant’s report will hopefully be available by November and will be accessible to all. Watch this space for updates… IMG_6403  Thank you so much to the Barr catering team, Elaine, Anett, Isobel, Jo, Hamish, Billy and Christine… the servers, Fionn, Matthew, McKenzie & Amber… the arty crew, Annette, Fergus, Sophie & Hannah … Chris & Joe for the bike checks, all the talented folk who contributed to the showcase tables, the Primary school, the BPDC team Merlin, Dee, Jackie and caretaker Wullie, not forgetting the ‘pros’ – John Morris, Celtic Twist and Sarah Plant. Well done all! Click here for more photos of the day  

Setting Objectives

BPDC met with Kelly Morris Consulting  Limited Mon 14th September 2015 to establish our objectives for the remainder of the feasibility study. Working from a list of needs, a list of wants and a list of key themes and issues that have been identified  as part of our ongoing public consultation the Village team pulled together objectives for the village that Kelly Morris Consulting is now working on before the presentation at the Fun day on the 3rd Oct. Thank you to those taking part whose hard work, time and determination to support Barr Community is much appreciated!  If you have something you want to say, contact now.    positive no guarantee Interested residents / internal stakeholders are as always, welcome to take part, just be prepared to roll your sleeves up! First stages are underway including a Stakeholder Event that took place 4th September 2015  Thank you to all those who participated in this event on Friday 4th September. Attendees were welcomed to the event by BPDC Chair Hamish Denham before being provided  with an update on the feasibility study by Kelly Morris. Groups were then formed and tasks tackled. A number of issues, risks and opportunities were identified, all of which will feed into the feasibility study process.  Stakeholder Meet Slides    Stakeholders event tasks IMG_5985 Keep an eye on this page for more updates. Outputs will be shared with attendees on Wednesday.  In the meantime, thanks again to those that attended, particularly our Girvan Academy Students and huge thank you to Isabel Kay for providing  guests with a mini Barr Tea.  
Barr’s successful Ambition Fund application has allowed the BPDC to engage Kelly Morris Consulting to progress proposals for Barr Village regeneration. Kelly and her team will be consulting the public, both locally and further afield, establishing needs, pros & cons, and investigating options for recovery. The remit is to create a feasibility report and community business plan for our Scottish Land Fund application in October. The team will help map the way forwards for the community to consider and act upon. Open transparency is key – Kelly Morris Consulting will be happy to hear from anyone and will be canvassing for views – PLEASE have your say – whatever you think matters. All findings will be accessible and presented to the community at the next Open day which is provisionally booked for the 3rd October. Have your say

What is the Barr Parish Development Company (BPDC)?

The Company was set up by Barr Community Council in July 2013 to bring together the views of local residents to form a community plan and to represent Barr to a wide range of organisations and funding bodies, empowering the community to influence and manage their own future.

All Barr Parish residents over 18 are eligible to be members of the BPDC

Currently (Sept 2015) 67% of the Parish have signed up If you are a resident of Barr Parish and wish to become a BPDC member – please contact ‘barrvillage@icloud’ for further info Be the change...

Be the change…

Together …

  • We have a say in decisions that affect us and our children
  • Our opinions count and will influence how we plan ahead
  • We can guide the direction this village takes
  • We can access funding that will empower us as a community

With Skills, Assets & Action

We can bring individuals and groups together towards a common goal, to build a resilient community of the future. The BPDC held an Open Day on the 22nd September 2013 run entirely by village volunteers, to offer options, make suggestions, consider possibilities, ask for feedback, invite ideas and prioritise according to the wishes of the community. Another Open Day was held on the 15th November to update progress, encourage continued feedback and consult the village in order to update the BPDC strategy. 

Sheep stone

The Dinmurchie Ballot

An application was submitted to the National Forest Land Scheme for the ‘community right to buy’ Dinmurchie Farm, that has become available (FCS ‘surplus land’). A ballot took place to gauge the support of the community. We achieved greater than the 50% minimum turnout required (58.9%), and the result was quite conclusive with 131 votes in favour of the proposal to purchase land at Dinmurchie Farm, with 19 against and 2 rejected ballot papers.  The full report is available here for download:  Barr Ballot. The NFLS has considered our application and accepted it, the BPDC will now apply to the Scottish Land Fund to purchase Dinmurchie. This is an excellent opportunity and has great potential for the future wellbeing of the community. The village will be kept informed and consulted at every stage. Preliminary plans to buy the ‘surplus’ land are available for the public to view on the NFLS web site as part of the BPDC application.  Click here for full details.  

mosaic crockery

Working with the Carrick Heritage Trail, as seen on the BBC, offered an opportunity to engage the whole community in making a human sun dial. The BPDC aim to take this accomplishment to the next level in the spring, working with the primary school and residents to develop self guided leaflets and further mosaic links to the Trails. Energy efficiency has always proved the most popular topic at the Open Days and an energy clinic is planned, once funds are sourced, to replace residents’ light bulbs with more cost end energy efficient alternatives.
bike trail

bike trail

The ‘multi usage games area’  is next in line for development with Alex Tait as Project Manager. Consultations are ongoing regarding a mountain bike track, upgrading the Trails and active tourism options. A survey of the Trails has been made and discussions are making good progress with FCS and SAC to make improvements. We would also like to exploit our location within the first UNESCO-designated Biosphere in Scotland and so plan to start by hosting talks and workshops on ‘Dark Skies’. To celebrate our heritage, a book exploring and documenting Barr’s wonderfully rich and colourful history will be commissioned locally and hopefully published before too long.

Communication + Cooperation =  Success

Raising the Barr!

Raising the Barr!

Remembrance Day in Barr

A good turnout in spite of the weather           &nb...

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