sheepy shopping ©Merlin Currie

© Merlin Currie

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: Shop 9.00 – 14.00, 18.00 – 19.00
Monday – Friday: Post Office: 9.00 – 13.00.  Closed Saturdays and Sundays
Saturday: Shop 9.00 – 16.00, 18.00 – 19.00
Sunday: Shop 9.00 – 16.00

The nearest alternative Post Office Branches are Chalmers Arcade, Girvan, and 47 Main Street, Dailly.


Barr Community Shop In-store BakeryBilly's Barr - illiant pizza!

Billy’s Barr – illiant pizza! 

Pizzas are available on Saturday – make sure you order in advance! 

All pizzas are deliciously hand-made and baked in-store.


pizza poster


The Shop

The village shop in Barr aims to offer a range of staples, together with Post Office services, off-license & newspapers to local residents and visitors alike.

A small not-for-profit Ltd. company (the Barr Stores Steering Group) was set up in 2012 to oversee a rented shop on behalf of the community, supported by volunteers with the daily running under the management of Judy Brzezinka from Colmonell and local resident Libby Graham.

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“Our aim is to provide a friendly and helpful service – suggestions for improvements or services that would make the shop more useful to you personally are welcome. You can comment through the Store Facebook page

 Call on 861 221 for orders  -  collection in the shop or for delivery. (small charge applies)  

The Cafe

Barr Stores interiorCafé facilities are open 10.15am to 2pm Monday to Friday

10.15pm to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.


Ayr Roads Cycling Club : Harry Fairbairn BMW

Ayr Roads Cycling Club / Harry Fairbairn BMW

Barr Sores Steering Group seeks volunteers – even if you can only spare an hour… 

Contact the shop 01465 861 221 if you are able to offer a little of your time! Thank you!

Barr Stores Steering Group have been funded & supported by the Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund since the Barr Stores set up in 2012 – Thank you!

Barr Community Council were delighted to contribute small grant funding towards the development and opening of the café section

In 2015 Barr Stores Steering Group were awarded funding from SAC’s ‘Ambition’ fund which enabled the commission of a design feasibility study to report on the condition of the rented building with a view to purchase and regarding better use of space etc. Barr Community Council also contributed £500 small grant, at BSSG’s request, to extend the study to include the village Pub.

July 2016 Barr Community Council  awarded £500 from the small grant fund, for Barr Stores to rent an EPOS bar code system for a year.

An earlier application to BCC small grants to fund a new freezer was found to be unnecessary as Community Cllr. Tom Copeland kindly offered to source a second hand donation through his employers, the Co-op, which was delivered to the Store at the end of July – much appreciated by all.

Feb 2017 Barr Stores successfully “pitched” at the “South Carrick Decides” event at Girvan Academy for £860 in order to get broadband into the shop/cafe area and to create a social space for young people with a games console and age-appropriate games. 
Many many thanks to Logan, Connor, Margaret Hay and all the Hay family for their support. 

May 2017 Barr Community Council awarded Barr Stores Steering Group the funding to produce a promotional leaflet including new scheduled bus times while awaiting SACT/SPT bus timetable publication.


Shopping sheep © Merlin Currie

© Merlin Currie

BSSG would like to thank Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Fund for substantial grant-aid, not forgetting local fund-raising.

Road Works Daily – Old Dailly

Mon – Fri, 7am – 5pm, 14 – 25th Aug
Road closure

Stinchar Valley Magazine out now

Catch up on all the gossip and goings on around the villages

Barr Village Defibrillator

For use in emergencies in the event of heart attack

Barr – Girvan Bus Service begins

From 1st May a scheduled service will be available Monday, Wednesday, Friday ...